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 Ferbordy (Punny, right?)

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Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher

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PostSubject: Ferbordy (Punny, right?)   Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:00 pm

Ferb: "Me, and my step-brother made this game up a while back for the viewer's pleasure. However, the monster's down at Disney, and Disney XD vetoed it saying and I quote: 'It is an unfair game for the viewers who cannot guess it right.' Than, I said: 'Its a game show, these are never 100% fair.' So now, here's your host Doofenshmirtz with the rules."

Doofenshmirtz: "Thank you, my British, Green-haired, child-friend. The rules are simple. I'll dish out Phineas & Ferb trivia, and you guess it correctly for points. However, you have to give the answer in the form of a question. But, you may be asking yourself - hey Doof!? Didn't the step-brothers already do a Game Show? Y- you know? ...Lets Take A Quiz? I- I know, but we decided to parody this famous game show... Sh- shut up!" (Puts hands across his body, and under his armpits) "Anywho, I'll be dishing out questions, you may ask the question of what the answer should be. Oh, and if multiple correct answers are put out before I (OOC: I'll act as the judge, you all have fun! =/ ) can respond, the points are divided amongst them. Oh, so be smart, and quick; it'll get tougher when the points are doubled."

Host (Doofenshmirtz): "OK! Round 1, Question 1. The point-bar starts at 100, and will vary on how many correct answers are given before my response to the winner(s)." (Looks at cue-card that holds the question.) "...Before Perry the Platypus joined his host family, they had an old pet. What species was the pet (no need for specific type of breed), and what happened to it?"
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Ferbordy (Punny, right?)
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