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 You're not Ferb!

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PostSubject: You're not Ferb!   You're not Ferb! Icon_minitimeFri Feb 26, 2010 2:45 pm

You're Not Ferb! from Invasion Of The Ferb-Snatchers!, featuring a "Stalked," montage. After watching an Alien Invasion marathon, Candace believes Ferb to be an alien, like the ones' from the movies'. In an attempt to prove her biological brother, Phineas, that Ferb is an alien, she goes on this montage to collect evidence proving it. She believed it was true throughout the montage for the following reasons:

  • She saw Ferb's head in a glass container, like in the movie (he was actually behind it, not inside)
  • She found him with many eyes (actually a sort of magnifier)
  • She found a ball of ooze that Ferb through at her (Unknown to what it is)
You're not Ferb! Ferbsnatchershideousballofgoo

Something weird's going on 'round here,
Gotta get me some evidence!
Some strange goings-on happenin' on the back lawn
And it's gettin' too intense.

'Cause you're not Ferb! No!
And I'm disturbed!
'Cause you're not Ferb!

You've got the same colored hair and his savoir-faire,
And his zany serenity!
Though it's not conclusive something elusive
Says you stole his identity!

Cause you're not Ferb! No!
You're not Ferb! No!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
You're not Ferb!
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You're not Ferb!
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