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 Clash Of The Fans: The Trilogy

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Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher

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PostSubject: Clash Of The Fans: The Trilogy   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:57 pm

**Note: The Story Takes Place Out Of Each Show's Plot (Each are in alternate timelines).

Clash Of The Fans - Part I. The Lemur Experience: Work In Progress

Clash Of The Fans - Part II. My Fair Binder: Will Be Made After Part I.

Clash Of The Fans - Part III. Lemurs Got Nothing, But Fur: Will Be Made After Part II.


When Mort The Lemur, and Irving learn of each others' "living," as a disciple to the respective "idols," with whom they show affection to, things get dirty. In order to show off their ability to be an adorer to their idol, the two set off to prove their call. Will the fur fly, or will the pictures our triangular-headed boy be burned in the flames of defeat?

Out Of Script Words: The Way this works, is basically, they are talking in "TV World," and their fights happen when the shows are going on in a viewer's eyes. It's a bit confusing, but will be good. Oh, Mort and Irving had words to say before I start writing it-

Mort (Giving his adorable eyes): "I'm an egg!"

Irving (Waving): "I got Phineas' hair!"

Me (Sighing): "I think, overall, Irving takes the cake on the creepiness level. And Mort... wrong episode."

Mort (Crossing arms): "Oh, darn it!" (Makes a cute pouting face.)

Me: "I'll be letting you all decide, on the forums, who wins each of the three rounds. Keep watching, cause this will be epic!"

Irving: "Not as epic as one of Phineas & Ferb's adventures!"

Me: "Quiet, you!"
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Clash Of The Fans: The Trilogy
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