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 A Good Ol' Fashioned RP For Those Who Are Still Here

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PostSubject: A Good Ol' Fashioned RP For Those Who Are Still Here   Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:18 am

Hi! So, right after joining here, I realized this place is as dead as a doornail. -_- So, to all you people reading this, I am going to attempt to bring this forum back to life- starting with a roleplay. I know there must be other people out there, even though it's been a few years since the last post...
Your basic RP rules. No fighting with other roleplayers, please try to refrain from cursing in every single post, OCs AND canons welcome, etc, etc.
.....*awkward silence as I try to think of something*
.. *scratches head* Um... well, not quite sure... I guess it's just another day in Danville, nothing special.

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PostSubject: Re: A Good Ol' Fashioned RP For Those Who Are Still Here   Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:45 am

''A-are we there yet?'' Eden asked timidly, playing with the strap of her camera.
Their adoptive father shook his head. ''Not yet, sweetie. Just about 10 more minutes, though.''
Eden nodded.
Skyler, on the other hand, wasn't so impatient. ''10 MORE MINUTES!'' She exclaimed. ''That's 10 more minutes stuck in this stuffy old van! 10 more freaking minutes until I see Ferb!'' She knelt forward. ''DRIVE FASTER!'' She begged. ''Come on, let me take the wheel!''
''No! Skyler, the moment you get your hands on this wheel I just know we'd end up crashing into a building,'' The man stated, keeping his eyes on the road. ''I know you're excited about seeing your cousin, but be patient.''
Grumbling, Skyler knelt back into her seat.
''And put your seatbelt on!''
Skyler rolled her eyes. ''It's not like the cops are around!'' She protested, but did so.
Eden put a small hand on her older sister's arm. ''I-It's alright, we'll see Ferb soon,''' She said comfortingly.
Skyler smiled at Eden. She's so cute, she thought. ''You're right.''
''C-can you tell me about him?'' Eden questioned timidly. Though Skyler knew her cousin from online, Eden had never even seen Ferb.
Skyler nodded. ''Well, he has green hair. Pretty cool, huh? Weird hair runs in the family.'' She gestured to her own bright blue hair, then to Eden's dusty rose locks. ''And he's real smart. Kinda quiet, more of a man of action, though he isn't shy. Really nice, likes chess.''
''W-what about his stepbrother?'' Skyler's family didn't really have much to do with the Flynns. Ever since their aunt, who had taken care of them when their mother died during Eden's childbirth, had divorced Lawrence, they didn't really talk about him. And when their aunt died in a car crash, leaving the children orphans, they weren't really sure what to think. But Skyler eventually learned that Ferb and Lawrence and their family weren't so bad, and even got up the guts to chat with him online. Now that they were finally moving closer to them, she felt so excited- she'd finally have a family! She loved her adoptive father, but this was different.
Skyler snapped back into reality. ''Well, I don't really know alot about him,'' She confessed, patting Paz, who was asleep on her lap. ''But Ferb told me he's really outgoing. A bit oblivious, but really friendly.''
Eden nodded. ''Good.'' She looked back down at her sketchbook. Curiously, Skyler leaned over, peering at the page. ''Whatcha drawing?''
Eden hesitantly held up the sketchbook, and Skyler's heart nearly melted when she saw what was on it. Instead of childish scribbles, Eden had drawn Skyler and her surrounded by people. The drawing was titled, ''Our Family''.
''It's beautiful,'' Skyler told Eden softly, who smiled.
Argent sighed, leaning back into her seat. She wasn't very happy about the big move. Sure, she'd be with her friends, but she loved England.
She winced as a corny, auto-tuned pop song came onto the radio. ''Turn that off!'' She snapped, losing her temper.
''Don't speak to your father that way,'' Her adoptive father replied just as snappishly, but did so.
Argent rolled her eyes. You're not my father. Argent and her friends had met in the orphanage, all having one thing in common: no families. And this man certainly wasn't her father.
Morgan was flipping through a book, silent the whole ride. Her cat, Tabitha, was napping on her lap.
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A Good Ol' Fashioned RP For Those Who Are Still Here
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